1886’s Fourth Anniversary Celebrated With VFX Videos

The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn celebrated the game’s fourth anniversary by releasing new videos about the PS4 exclusive’s VFX.

Four years ago today, The Order: 1886 was released exclusively for PS4 by Ready at Dawn and Sony Interactive Entertainment. While the title’s reception was mixed due to its short length and lackluster story and gameplay, The Order: 1886 is still remembered fondly by its developers. In fact, Ready at Dawn decided to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary by releasing a series of new videos that highlight various aspects of The Order: 1886’s visual effects

Considering The Order: 1886 had insanely high production values, this is an appreciated and intriguing look behind the curtain. The first video goes over the visual effects used with the game’s characters. It also shows how the development of a scene began with previzualization before moving onto rehearsals and motion capture with actors. The developers then chose their preferred camera layout and begin animating scenes.

The second video focuses on the visual effects for the game’s various environments, though most of the focus is placed on the airship setpiece. It’s definitely interesting to see how one of the game’s most notable areas came to be from simple concept art, especially considering it was one of the first to be developed. Overall, The Order: 1886’s environments are insanely detailed and now we have a better idea of how exactly they came to be.

The third and final The Order: 1886 video released by Ready at Dawn to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary is a more general grab-bag of other visual effects. It goes over the VFX for the Round Table Room, Blackwell Yards, various textures, and character models. All three videos are great if you want to gain a bit more insight into game development, though this one is able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Even though The Order: 1886 may have been divisive at release, it’s always good to reflect on game’s post-launch. These videos give us a bit more insight into how exactly the game was created and should definitely give players a higher level of understanding and context to many of the game’s areas and character models the next time they are playing through it.

The Order: 1886 is currently available exclusively for PS4. Those of you who are curious about what DualShockers thought of the title when it released can also check out our review.

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