Fairy Tail RPG Development Team is Trying to Add as Many Characters as Possible

Don’t lose hope if your favorite Fairy Tail character wasn’t revealed in Gust’s RPG adaptation yet.

DualShockers recently spoke with Koei Tecmo’s Keisuke Kikuchi, the producer of the upcoming Fairy Tail RPG. We most notably asked him if we would see original characters or locations in the game.

Keisuke Kikuchi answered how there won’t be any original characters, as there are already plenty of charismatic characters in the world of Fairy Tail to go with. Moreover, the development team is striving to add as many characters as possible. This means even if your favorite character wasn’t revealed yet, they might be soon.

As for original locations, Kikuchi mentioned all the landscapes in the game are faithful to the original canon, but some liberties were taken as well. Certain places like Magnolia were never fully depicted, be it in the Fairy Tail manga or the anime. As such, Gust has recreated the entire town in 3D, all while bringing to fans a faithful Fairy Tail experience.

Our full interview with Fairy Tail RPG Producer Keisuke Kikuchi interview will be available tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can check our previous coverage of the game.

Fairy Tail will launch on PS4, Switch, and PC in 2020. Keisuke Kikuchi recently explained how Hiro Mashima’s feedback plays into the development. We also learned that Gust is working on four different projects right now besides Fairy Tail.

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