Get 20% off new games, consoles, TVs and more in Ebay's sale

Pokmon Sword/Shield, Call of Duty and Switch Lite all discounted.

Ebay’s travelling 20 per cent off sale has returned, offering a maximum of 75 off from over a hundred of Ebay’s biggest sellers when you use code PRIZE20 on items over 25. This is the perfect time to pick up new games, consoles or tech items at considerable discount, so take a look at the highlights we’ve found so far!

The easiest way we’ve found to discover sale items is to visit the store pages of retailers participating in the promotion – some good places to start are ShopTo for games and consoles, Crampton & Moore for TVs and electronics, and Ebuyer for PC components and peripherals. Of course, you can also read on for our picks!

If you want to get the maximum possible savings, you should be aiming for items around 375. Getting a 20 per cent discount on a cheaper item will work out to a savings of less than 75, while more expensive items will get that maximum 75 off but the percentage saved will be correspondingly lower. Of course, as long as you’re over the 25 minimum spend then you’ll be doing just fine. Remember, you’ll need to use the PRIZE20 code and add the product to your basket to see the discounted price.

Without further ado, here are some of the best deals we’ve found in the Ebay sale – including recently released games, new consoles, the best TVs and more!


Looking for more games? Check here for Xbox One, here for PS4 and here for Switch.

Games consoles

Looking for a different console or bundle? Click here for Xbox, here for PS4 and here for Switch.


More items and categories coming soon; stay tuned!

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