Untitled Goose Game waddles to PS4, Xbox One soon

Just in time for Christmas, a horrible goose will appear on even more consoles.

Achievements for Untitled Goose Game on Xbox One have been scraped from Microsoft’s servers by TrueAchievements, and release information obtained by the site points to a 17th December launch date. There’s also mention of an Xbox One X Enhanced option to bump the goose’s visuals up to 4K.

The equivalent PlayStation 4 Trophies have also turned up (thanks, Exophase), so we’d expect a PlayStation 4 launch at the same time.

Untitled Goose Game was tipped for launch on both PS4 and Xbox One at some point a few months ago. At the time, publisher Panic said it was also “chewing” over a mobile launch.

The goose is, of course, already available on Nintendo Switch and PC, where it’s caused quite a flap. Since its arrival, memes and mods have seen the honking antihero pop up in plenty of other places, too – including as Mr. X in Resident Evil 2.

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