27 years later, OG Pokémon Farfetch'd gets a new evolution

After a brief tease last week, the new evolution for leek-wielding duck Pokmon Farfetch’d has finally been unveiled.

It’s named Sirfetch’d and is exclusive to Pokmon Sword.

He’ll debut in this year’s upcoming Pokmon Sword and Shield games as a new Galar region evolution.

Farfetch’d is one of the Pokmon series’ original 151 monsters, and has become something of a fan favourite. In Pokmon Go, it is the regional critter for Pokmon’s home country of Japan.

A Farfetch’d evolution has long been on the cards. Artwork for an early design was one of many extra evolutions created for Pokmon Gold and Silver that were eventually dropped before release. Images of these long-forgotten designs appeared online last year. Many have now been incorporated into later generations, while others still lie unreleased. Perhaps more will launch – presumably Pokmon Shield will be getting an equivalent version exclusive too?

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