4Story – Age of Heroes is a spin-off to the Korean MMO 4Story that's available to pre-register now for Android

4Story – Age of Heroes is a spin-off of the Korean MMORPG 4Story. 4Story has been an active MMO since 2007 and continues to be played in Europe. Age of Heroes is designed to inherit that legacy when it heads to Google Play sometime in October and you can pre-register now.

There will be several modes available to plays once they enter the game’s village. They’ll choose from Explore, Battleground, Conquest, Raid, Lord Sanctuary, Kaya Tower, Duel, Smash and Super Smash. So it certainly won’t be lacking in options.

Explore specifically is the singleplayer portion of the game where you’ll battle your way through 24 chapters and 288 stages. This is apparently designed to cover most of the grinding you’ll have to do with the endgame being to compete in daily territory wars.

As you can see from the trailer above, it’s a pretty good looking game consider the age of the original. It looks to have plenty of large scale boss battles that you can tackle with other players and dozens of attack effects to keep things visually interesting.

The concern of porting over an MMO is how the complexity of the controls will transfer to a touchscreen. In this case, it appears to be a case of having a fairly busy right-hand side of the screen. There are 5 different buttons on display in the trailer which represent each of your character’s abilities.

There also appears to be a large amount of customisation, which you’d obviously expect from an MMO. But there’s definitely a focus on fancy-looking armour with all of the examples in the trailer having some kind of aura like fog surrounding the character.

4Story – Age of Heroes is available to pre-register now on Google Play and will be available sometime in October. There are no details on a specific release date right now but we do know it will include in-app purchases.

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