505 Games Brings Story-driven Platformer Horace to PC This Month

Horace is a story-driven platformer from a British two-man team. The game looks like a fun but challenging romp through a beautiful world.

Horace is a long-in-development indie project that tells the story of a robot trying to reunite with their long-lost family. The game is mostly a blend of oddball British humor and platforming; however, the small team has also added a number of extra goodies for players to find. Give the announcement trailer a watch below.

Horace is a two-man development project by Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn. You play as a robot named Horace who is on a quest to find his family. You’ll travel the world (and time and space) to find your loved ones and save mankind in the process. For the meat of the game, you’ll engage in challenging 2D platforming looks right out of the 16-bit era.

However, the team doesn’t just stop there. They’re also adding variety in the form of parody versions of classic games. So, at certain points, the game will turn into an FPS or a rhythm action game. It’s an intriguing package that certainly seems worth a look.

Publisher 505 Games is also taking an interesting tactic for the game’s launch on Steam. They are implementing “wishlist milestones”. This means that, if a certain number of people wishlist the game, Horace will have a greater discount during launch week. So, if you and around 200K of your closest friends wishlist the game, then you can pick it up for 75% off at launch. Obviously, it’s unlikely that it gets that far, but it is a cool addition to the pre-release campaign.

Horace is coming to PC on July 18. Stay with DualShockers for news on the latest indies.

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