505 Games Says Indivisible Future Content Has Been Canceled Following Lab Zero Games Closing

Indivisible has reached the end of its development outside of a few additional pieces of content that were finished prior to the closure of Lab Zero Games.

It has been a tumultuous past few months for Lab Zero Games and its former employees. Following the decision by multiple developers to leave the studio earlier this summer as a form of protest against owner Mike Zaimont and his alleged history of sexual harassment, the company was soon after dissolved entirely with all remaining employees being laid off. The move was one that left the developer’s future and current projects in question, and as of now, we know what the status is with at least one of them.

Publisher 505 Games released a statement today confirming what was already expected by many in the case of Indivisible, the action-RPG that Lab Zero released a year ago. While the game was slated to receive future content in the form of guest characters (which included the likes of Shantae, Shovel Knight, and many others) this will no longer be possible. Additionally, characters that were created by those who backed the game won’t be coming either.

505 did clarify, however, that there is still some content in the submission process that will still be coming to Indivisible. Of those new add-ons, one such update for the game’s Switch iteration will bring a number of new challenges, co-op, and New Game+. “At this stage, apart from content that is already in submission, there will unfortunately be no more production on the game,” 505 wrote.

This whole situation is definitely a bummer all around. I especially feel for those who backed the game on Indiegogo and won’t be able to see their contributions result in the in-game content that they paid for. Then again, considering the way in which Lab Zero closed, it’s not like you can be mad at the studio itself or 505 Games for this situation coming about.

Even though is the end of Indivisible itself, the game remains one of the more highly-scored games from us here at DualShockers last year and is one that we would absolutely recommend picking up even without these planned future content updates.

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