A brief history of Angry Birds to celebrate 10 years of the acclaimed mobile mascot

Rovio’s Angry Birds is 10 years old today, and to celebrate we thought we’d ping through the many games that constitute this towering series.

It’s easy to take Angry Birds for granted. This was the original smartphone game mega-hit, and while others have since come to prominence, none have made quite such a cultural impact.

Is there a Clash of Clans movie? No. Is there a theme park based on Candy Crush? No. Is there a lucrative toy line based on Pokemon GO? Well yes, kinda. But that’s based on a pre-existing property, so it doesn’t count.

The point is, Angry Birds was – and is – huge to the point of near universal recognisability. It’s the single biggest crossover hit in mobile gaming, and it deserves celebrating as such.

Here, then, is a brief run through of all of the games to have been launched in the Angry Birds series, in chronological order and including spin-offs.


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