A Newly Found Breath of the Wild Glitch Lets Players Ride Sidon Anywhere

A new found glitch in Breath of the Wild allows players to ride Prince Sidon whenever and wherever they would like.

Breath of the Wild has its fair share of interesting glitches and tactics that speedrunners can use to their advantage or there are others that are just fun to use. There is one that allows players to shield surf off of enemies heads and get bounced at tremendous speeds in a certain direction. Then there are others that allow Link to glide faster than usual by pulling off a trick with the stasis ability. This new found glitch may or may not be used for speedrunning purposes, but I found it pretty hilarious.

Thanks to some glitch hunters, Link can now ride Sidon wherever he would like. You can see Sidon traversing across air and land in the video.

Normally, Prince Sidon was only available to be used during the battle with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, normally the first Divine Beast players encountered in the game. It technically might not be the first since you can go at them in any order but Breath of the Wild tends to funnel players in that direction at the start of the game.

Sadly, the videos don’t have much of an explanation on how the trick was pulled off. But it is still interesting and funny too see Sidon wiggling through the air as Link is riding on top of him.

Breath of the Wild is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. If you have still not played it, I would highly recommend it. To me, the game broke new ground for open-world titles and is one of the greatest games ever created.

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