Action-packed beat ‘em up The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is now available for iOS and Android

Netmarble’s long-awaited beat ’em up RPG The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is finally available for both iOS and Android. This mobile adaptation of the legendary series sees you fighting through KOF‘s storied past from KOF ’94 all the way to KOFXIV.

The game casts you as an amnesiac who is saved by a mysterious woman known as Noah. It doesn’t take long before they discover the power to fight as any of KOF‘s legendary characters. In order to unlock the player character’s memory, you’ll be required to hone your fighting skills and win a number of challenging tournaments.

At launch, there are over 130 fighters, including some fan favourites, to collect, train, and gradually master. The basic gameplay sees you battling through intense enemy waves, taking down colossal bosses, and putting an end to rival teams.

The intense combat is enhanced by some stellar visuals and animations. It looks great in motion, easily rivaling some of the best-looking beat ’em ups on mobile.

In terms of game modes, you can expect an extensive Story Mode, PvP, Time Attack Mode, and a real-time Tournament Mode. Clearly there’s a ton of stuff to see and do here. What makes it extra special is that it appeals to both nostalgic fans and newcomers alike thanks to its standout level of polish and fast-paced brawling action.

If you’re a fan of the classics or just fancy testing your mettle on an action-packed beat ’em up, you’ll find The King of Fighters ALLSTAR available for download now for free from both the App Store and Google Play.

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