AFK Cats: Idle Arena, a steampunk themed, feline-centric idle RPG is available now for Android

AFK Cats is a cute looking idle game where you command an army of cats – or should that be cat-alion? – dressed in steampunk attire. It originally launched on iOS last month. The feline-centric idle RPG has now made its way over to Android and it’s available now.

If you’re a fan of idle games as well as cats, or just animals in general, this might be the purr-fect – I’m so sorry – game for you. In AFK Cats you’ll be creating a team of steampunk loving kittens to fight against Doomba, an evil vacuum cleaner. The only logical foe to a cat, naturally.

Of course, with this being an idle game a lot of the fighting and grinding can be done when you’re, well, AFK. Materials, new equipment and weapons will all be gathered in battles your feline army will do while you’re not playing the game.

Speaking of all that loot, there’s apparently a tonne of it with over 100 weapons to kit out your cats with. There’s also over 70+ of various steampunk felines to collect as well, all of whom have their own unique skills. There’s a big focus on the combinations of these two things. The right weapon with the correct hero will result in a powerful combo.

Similarly, your squad composition can have a similar effect. Some of the cats will play nicer with others and you can show off your feline tactical mastery in PVP by creating the best synergies to win all-out idle warfare.

Though if you’re the type who likes to wrap up all of the single-player content before diving into multiplayer that could potentially take quite a while. There are over ten thousand battle stages in the main mission, though even with the game playing while you’re not there, that could still take a fair amount of time.

AFK Cats is available now on Google Play and the App Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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