After 22 years, Ash Ketchum is finally a Pokémon champion

It’s taken more than two decades, but Pokmon trainer Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokmon league.

As of the latest episode to air in Japan, Ash is the first place winner of the Alola league and at last is a Pokmon champion.

Even Ash is stunned at his win:

Ash coming close but ultimately failing to beat each region’s league has become a recurring theme throughout the anime, which has now aired nearly 1100 episodes.

It’s been part of Ash’s relatable nature – this saga’s hero finishing close to the top but not becoming best of the best. But, after 22 years, and unlike Ash himself, it’s grown old.

Over the course of his journey Ash has formed a unique bond with his partner Pokmon, travelled the world, fought in seven regional leagues, met pretty much every legendary and mythical creature in the Pokdex and beaten Team Rocket hundreds of times.

So there has been frustration among fans when Ash, despite his legendary deeds, was still unable to win.

And now he has! Fans are very happy:

As is Pokmon game head honcho Junichi Masuda:

Ash’s original voice actress also offered congratulations:

Ash’s win comes ahead of a big shift for the series – to the region of Galar, the setting of upcoming Nintendo Switch games Pokmon Sword and Shield. Full details on the first Galar anime season will come later this month, but The Pokmon Company has already suggested the show will be making some changes.

All regions will be featured in the series, not just Galar, the company has said – leading to speculation among fans that Ash may take more of a background role. With his journey to become a Pokmon master now complete, is this the end of Ash as the anime’s hero? To be continued…

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