Age of Empires IV News Potentially Coming to Gamescom Next Week

Something Age of Empires related will be announced at Xbox’s Gamescome stream Monday, August 19.

The Age of Empires Twitter team is teasing some “exciting news” for Xbox’s Gamescom stream on Monday. We’re not sure what the announcement is going to be. That said, we do know that both Age of Empire 2: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires IV are both in active development. The image included with the tweet seems to point more toward AoE2: DE, but you never know. Check out the tweet below.

Regardless of which game makes an appearance, fans should probably pay attention. AoE 2: DE featured on Microsoft’s E3 presentations, and it seems like now would be a logical time to get a firm release date. We got hands-on with the game at E3 and came away impressed. AOE 2: DE is currently slated for an ambiguous “Fall 2019” date, so locking that date in at Gamescom makes a lot of sense.

However, it would be a fun move to give a sneak peek at how Age of Empires IV‘s development has been proceeding. The game was announced back in August 2017 at that year’s Gamescom. At the time, it was just a quick teaser with no gameplay. They’ve had a bit of time to work on the game since then, and getting a first look at the game in action would surely excite fans of the series.

Either way, Age of Empire fans should pay close attention to Monday’s stream. The Xbox Mixer stream goes live at 8 a.m. PT on Monday, August 19. Be sure to check DualShockers for all the news that comes out of Gamescom next week.

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