Amnesia: Rebirth Developer Says Its Other Project is “More Crazy”

In a recent interview, Frictional Games co-founder and creative director discussed Amnesia: Rebirth and another crazy second project they are working on.

Frictional Games’ next release is not the only game the development studio is working on. Another project is in the works and supposedly, it is “more crazy” than Amnesia: Rebirth.

In an interview with Vice, Patrick Klepek asked if Frictional Games’ upcoming release started as a means to revisit Amnesia or if it naturally became an Amnesia project over time. The studio’s co-founder and creative director Thomas Grip said the team wanted to make a sequel but didn’t know what that really entailed.

“No, we started wanting to make a sequel to Amnesia,” said Grip. “But I think there was a lot of initial discussions on what that meant? We didn’t know how big is this project going to be.”

Grip also mentioned why Frictional Games began work with Amnesia: Rebirth rather than a new project. Essentially, Amnesia is familiar ground, and the team didn’t want to go “totally crazy” with its new project. However, the other new project will be “more crazy.”

“I knew we wanted to start with Amnesia because that felt like we [had] at least enough foundation [to work with], but we didn’t want to go totally crazy with one of our new projects,” said Grip. “The other project is more crazy, but more on that down the line.”

Amnesia: Rebirth was just formally announced with a release window of Autumn 2020. As such, details on this crazy new project are very scarce. However, Frictional Studios hopes to release games every two to three years now. If that is the case, maybe we’ll know more details about the second project in the next year or two.

Amnesia: Rebirth will launch on PS4 and PC during the previously mentioned Autumn 2020 window. If you are looking for some of other haunting experiences from Frictional Games, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Soma are all available now.

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