Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition is exclusive to cloud gaming service Hatch, available now

Hatch, the cloud gaming service designed for mobiles, launched last year in the UK and now they’re bringing Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition exclusively to their app. This makes it the second Hatch Original after Arkanoid Rising. It’s available now but you will need to have a Hatch premium subscription to play it.

Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition is a reworking of an existing game, as you’ve probably guessed from the name. The original Angry Birds Go! launched in 2013. It was a kart racer spin-off to the popular bird flinging franchise, which we thought was a tad underwhelming.

This new version offers real-time multiplayer against four other players. The original didn’t add multiplayer until a few years after launch and this was team-based 3v3 races or local multiplayer. Turbo Edition is also free-to-play so long as you have a Hatch premium subscription and will also have no in-app purchases, something that marred the original.

It will also bring leaderboards where there will be prizes on offer for those who top them. It’ll introduce new characters overtime to keep the content fresh and players will also be able to upgrade their karts by completing various in-game challenges.

To be able to play the Turbo Edition you will need to have 5G, though it will also work on Wi-Fi and 4G under good network conditions. Once you have the Hatch app downloaded then you will be able to find Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition in there.

The Hatch app is currently available on Google Play for free but you will only have access to 20 games and have ads popping up. Furthermore, to be able to play Hatch Originals, such as Angry Birds Go! Turbo Edition and the other exclusives you will need the premium version which costs £6.99 per month.

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