Angry Birds Journey now available on iOS and Android in select regions

Rovio has released a new entry in its popular tower-attack series in the form of Angry Birds Journey, and it’s soft launched now on iOS and Android in select regions: United States, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Poland.

Angry Birds Journey offers a fresh accessible take on the all-too familiar series with a more laid-back approach to the gameplay over its predecessors. The main aim of the game is to reunite fireflies with their soulmates, but of course the pigs from past Angry Birds titles are also here to make that difficult for you. The game also features the usual tower toppling gameplay that the series grew famous for, while also bringing in dynamic puzzles and other treats.

The art style has become cuter, perhaps to entice younger players, and there are plenty of birds to launch that older players of the series may be familiar with. Rovio claims it hasn’t strayed too far from the original series’ formula though, with challenging physics-based puzzles still being at the centre of the game’s spirit that fans will be familiar with.

This game might look familiar to you, and not just because it’s classic Angry Birds, but also because it’s actually a revamped version of Angry Birds Casual with a new name. Angry Birds Casual soft-launched on iOS last year in the United States, Finland, Poland and Sweden.

Each bird has its own special abilities which makes them crucial in how you decide to plan your attack, and the fun of each level is in discovering which is the best way to use them as a practical offensive tool.

If you’re located in the United States, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada or Poland, you can check out Angry Birds Journey and start playing today on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title containing in-app purchases.

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