Anime-themed MMO TeeTINY Online’s second closed beta test is now live

TeeTINY Online,’s hugely ambitious first title, has now launched its second CBT (closed beta test) for Android devices. The second CBT adds a challenging roguelike mode for players to tackle, and it’s running from today through to November 3rd.

The game’s a colourful, anime-themed, casual MMO which sees players banding together to scale a mysterious tower of trials. It packs a ton of personality into its characters, visuals, and expansive open world, and it’s up to you whether to explore it all alone, alongside friends, or with a giant, battle-ready Guardian Pet.

TeeTINY allows you to develop and hone a playstyle that fits your preferences to a T. You can experiment with different skills and weapons, many of which function quite differently. And every bit of progress you make will hopefully feel earned, as you’ll only gain new equipment through farming.

Outside of the main story, the game also offers an intense Pet War mode, which is where you’ll use the Guardian Pet I mentioned earlier, as well as more standard PVP modes. Finding other players to form a guild with would definitely be a wise move. Together, you can work to complete missions and take on the tougher enemies.

This one’s set to arrive first on Android before eventually coming to iOS and PC. Players who participated in the first CBT have earned themselves a nice little buff for being among the first to play. And for anyone else who’s on the hunt for a quality mobile MMO, you can sign up now for TeeTINY Online’s second CBT now.

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