Another Eden's crossover with the popular JRPG Persona 5 arrives today

Persona 5’s much-anticipated crossover event with the popular mobile RPG Another Eden is available now. This event brings free content to the game that’s also going to be a permanent fixture in the game.

The Phantom Thieves will make an appearance in a new story chapter called Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer. You’ll need to have completed chapter 2 to complete the prologue for this adventure whilst you’ll need to reach chapter 13 to finish the rest of the crossover story.

Though the main cast of Persona 5 will make an appearance you’ll only be able to add two of them to your team permanently. The two you’ll be able to obtain aren’t too surprising either, it’s Joker and his cat buddy Morgana. The characters will all be voiced in Japanese with their original voice actors, which big Persona fans will be pleased to hear.

You can catch a glimpse of the crossover content in the trailer above which features some amusing dialogue between Morgana and Joker where the duo points out the absurdity of a human-sized bipedal frog. You know, forgetting they’re from a world where a cat can turn into a bus for their friends to ride around in. One of the best things about crossovers, in my opinion, is little interactions like this one.

Though this new event is a permanent fixture in Another Eden there will be several bonuses for playing it at launch. So for the next two weeks, the login bonus will increase from 20 Chronos Stones to 50. There will also be a special Fateful Encounter where you can encounter 10 Allies for 500 Chronos Stones (Paid).

Another Eden is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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