Anthem is Now Available on EA Access

Will Anthem’s arrival on EA’s subscription platform help increase player numbers?

A little over six months after releasing, EA has today announced that BioWare’s Anthem is now available for play through the publisher’s subscription platform, EA Access.

Anthem is joining the EA Access lineup today, September 12, and will be available to download and play for “free” to those who are subscribed to it. As a reminder, EA Access is only available on console platforms and began at first on Xbox One before eventually coming to PS4 earlier this summer.

Anthem’s addition to the EA Access slate could be seen as another attempt by EA to grow the game’s player base, which it probably is to a degree, but this is also just pretty standard to see happen, in all honesty. Most EA-published games end up coming to the service 6-8 months after originally launching and Anthem is no different in that regard.

As for what else EA Access subscribers can expect to see this month, FIFA 20 trials will go live next week. In case you forgot, subscribers of EA Access get 10-hour long trials of all of EA’s games ahead of their official releases. The trial time for FIFA 20 will kick off next week on September 19 for those looking to get in on the action early.

EA Access, as mentioned, is available right now for both PS4 and Xbox One. You can grab a 12-month subscription to the service over on Amazon right now for $30.

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