Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving Announces Departure from BioWare

Irving spent 8 years with BioWare and worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic along with Anthem.

After the release of Anthem earlier this year, the game’s lead producer has now announced that he is departing BioWare.

Announced over on Twitter this afternoon, Ben Irving revealed that he has found another gig outside of BioWare. “After 8 amazing years at BioWare I have made the decision to move on and have accepted an exciting opportunity at another gaming company,” Irving said. Irving joined BioWare all the way back in 2011 and helped work on titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic along with his aforementioned work on Anthem. “I believe Anthem has a bright future – there is a great team working on it and I look forward to following its progress (and playing it!) from the sidelines,” he added.

Upon first glance, this might seem like a bad look for BioWare to lose a key member from the development team of its most recent release, but it’s actually fairly common to see developers move elsewhere after a project has shipped. For example, former id Software head Tim Willits just left that studio for Saber Interactive mere months after launching Rage 2. It would be easy to jump to conclusions and think that things are going poorly at BioWare, but Irving’s departure is no signal of such a thing.

As for what’s next for Irving, he hasn’t announced such just yet, but we’ll likely find out soon enough. Meanwhile, Anthem’s Cataclysm update finally dropped last week for all platforms.

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