Apex Legends has a bunch of fan-requested quality of life changes on the way

Respawn has done well recently to keep up to date with requests from Apex players, from improving the battle pass system since season one, to introducing the long awaited solos mode later this week.

Thanks to a public Trello board created by the community coordinator at Respawn, we also have an idea of what bug fixes and quality of life changes are on the developer’s radar.

Though we don’t know exactly when these changes will be implemented, the following are confirmed to be coming in a future patch: an improved UI to display Battle Pass progression on match summaries, the ability to disable auto-switch when your weapon runs out of ammo, an ADS sensitivity slider for each optical zoom level, and an auto sprint for those on console.

Players will also be pleased to discover the bug that allows players to fire their gun while downed will also soon be patched, as will the issue of ranked players losing RP if they’re disconnected from a game due to an Apex server issue.

HUGE bug with Mirage. I was able to shoot while I was down from r/apexlegends

If you want to take a look at what else is in store for these smaller changes to Apex, you can have a look at the Trello board yourself.

It also gives some insight into what features and fixes Respawn are looking into – at the moment the more notable investigations are into allowing players to have cycling loading screen images rather than just selecting one, and the ability to switch between localised and English voice overs.

Apex should be getting a patch over the next day or so to bring in the Iron Crown event which kicks off tomorrow, and with any luck some of the planned quality of life changes will find their way to the game this week too.

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