Apex Legends Introduces Bloodhound’s Origin Story with The Old Ways Event

Curious about Bloodhound’s past? This origin story will show you.

When Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends in 2019, the game featured a range of playable characters known as Legends. While these characters all had their own backstory to add to the lore of the game, one character, Bloodhound was still rather unknown. However, with the upcoming arrival of a new game event, we’re introduced to a lengthy origin video, giving us a better look at the tactician-focused legend.

The story revolves around Bloodhound and starts off showing the death of their father to some form of a devastating storm. Following that, Bloodhound starts to learn to hunt, following the old ways as they attempt to finish a final test. After falling down into some underground area, Bloodhound discovers a Charge Rifle and winds up being chased by a creature of the Outlands.

However, eliminating the creature with the weapon, rather than the old ways with an axe, finds Bloodhound exiled for betraying the old ways. After a final battle, Bloodhound succeeds and gains appreciation, but witnesses the death of their mentor. Throughout the final moments of the clip, we see Bloodhound created into what we see them as in the game. It’s a fantastic watch for the art alone, but also for if you’re really into lore.

As for the in-game event, it will run from April 7 until April 21. Players will find Duos added to the game as well as trios, and a permanent map rotation will allow players to jump in on both Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge. The Old Ways Lore Event will introduce a Bloodhound Trials Town Takeover, similar to Octane’s and Mirage’s takeovers we’ve seen previously.

The town takeover will find players battling against prowlers amid high-tier loot as well as other players fighting against them. There are also new daily challenges that will unlock exclusive cosmetics inspired by Bloodhound’s past. There are also some exclusive skins for various characters and weapons which will be available from different dates during the events runtime.

Apex Legends is available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and the latest event will begin on April 7 until April 21.

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