Apex Legends’ Toilets Are Being Used as Death Traps

Caustic can use toilets and that awful smell to kill his enemies.

Respawn Entertainment launched the first new map to arrive in their free Battle Royale game Apex Legends last month and teased what type of gameplay we can expect to see in the new map. Of course, gamers appear to have been taking a liking to the toilets available in specific buildings.

I would argue that players are probably flocking to the toilets to make sure the game has introduced flushing mechanics that we, as gamers, will always test in any video game. However, the reasoning is far more deadly than that.

BeanBag1992, a Reddit user and YouTube creator has been showcasing a clever but crappy tactic that is sending their enemies in a flush of panic. Of course, this tactic is being orchestrated using the games smelly character Caustic who is capable of placing toxic gas traps.

In the below Reddit post, we see the team working together to lure the enemy team into the toilet by sacrificing Lifeline. As the enemy team loots her death box, Caustic, who is sitting on some pipework on the ceiling lobs a gas trap at the toilets doorway, trapping the enemy as they gasp and panic for breath.

Don’t Forget To Wipe from r/apexlegends

Another video comes from BeanBag’s YouTube which shows a compilation of these “toilet traps”. One notable moment is where an enemy team follows a trail of ammo drops leading to the toilet which is loaded with a bunch of items and armor seemingly ripe for picking. Honestly though, while it must be annoying for the victims, it’s beautiful to see the panic and scurrying around as they remain baffled by where the traps are coming from.

Of course, you can be using the above videos are intel and know to check the ceilings in these buildings with toilets. And if a toilet seems too good for be true, it most probably is.

Apex Legends is available for free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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