Assassin’s Creed Voice Actor Launches New Studio, Silver Rain Games

Silver Rain Games is already producing its first new IP, although no details are available yet.

Whenever we see a new studio pop up, its origin story isn’t usually that unique; it’s either some indie group getting together or industry veterans gathering others behind their vision. So it’s rare when we see a story about a game company forming that’s unique, and I promise this one is. The voice actor of Assassin’s Creed Origins‘ Bayek, Abubakar Salim, is launching his own studio in the UK, officially dubbed Silver Rain Games.

Salim’s experience is mostly in voice acting. Besides providing an iconic voice to Bayek, Salim, a BAFTA-nominated actor, has voiced characters in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and The Bradwell Conspiracy. And even though he is pivoting over to the development side of games, Salim is also continuing his acting career in other roles and mediums. He will be appearing in Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves TV series as Father this year.

Looking towards his future in gaming, Salim will be creating and directing a new title with the new Head of Studio at Silver Rain, Melissa Phillips. Phillips has her own history as a Games Program Manager for BAFTA.

As for what we can expect to see from Silver Rain Games, well, that future’s a bit murkier. So far, everything at the studio is in the prototype stage, with nothing really demonstrable to show. However, from a press release we can tell that whatever the studio has planned, it will be narratively-driven. This release says that the studio is “particularly keen to welcome new audiences, creating narratives to empower players.” While that may just sound like the usual industry jargon, it does give us an idea of what could be coming.

To follow the future of Silver Rain Games, check out their main site. Alternatively, you can follow the studio’s Twitter account here.

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