Astral Chain Dev Blog Delves into Head Designer’s Writing Process for Main Storyline

Latest Astral Chain dev blog gives a (spoiler free!) sneak peak into the writing process. Complete with some of the designer’s cute doodles.

Even with Astral Chain‘s launch, PlatinumGames is still putting out developer blog entries for the title. The most recent entry is from Akiteru Naka, the designer in charge of the main storyline, as he decided to share a bit of his writing process.

When Naka, director Takahisa Taura, and art director Hajime Kimura got together for their early brainstorming sessions they ended up incorporating themes they liked such as superheroes, police and a near-future setting. Below is an example of sketches that Naka would draw up during these sessions:

Astral Chain Dev Blog Delves into Head Designer's Writing Process for Main Storyline

According to Naka:

For most of development, there wasn’t much of a connection between the Legion and the player character, or at least not much of one beyond that between weapon and warrior. However, with the final setting, the Legions had become much more than simple tools. They’re based on the enemy chimeras themselves, after all. This turned them into essential but dangerous partners that could go rogue at any time — and you’re tethered right to them.

This story detail even dictates how the Legions should move! At first, the top priority for their actions and animations was just to look cool; however, once we settled on that bit of the story, we had to tweak the Legion animations to underscore the low-key but ever-present danger. The end result really makes the Legions stand out, even when standing at idle.

What interests me the most is how that concept of Legions being a danger to their partners is represented in their animation. Those kinds of small but important details are important to me, since they show a certain level of care in the designing of characters and the world in general.

Recently Astral Chain took the top spot in the UK charts last week. You can check out the launch trailer for the title here, which gives us a good overview of the game. There’s also several developer blogs that delve deeper into the title from the art direction to the music to the environment itself.

Astral Chain launched last week exclusively for Nintendo Switch and you can order it right now on Amazon. If you need some more convincing before you do, check out our review of the game here.

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