Astral Chain Director Says There Is a Co-op Mode for a More “Challenging” Experience

While it wasn’t quite intended to be played this way, Astral Chain will feature a way for 2 players to take on its combat together in co-op.

Originally revealed earlier this year as one of the next projects from Platinum Games, the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain has already been garnering attention as one of the Switch’s most promising upcoming exclusives. With the title now set for an August release, we only have a few more months left until its debut, and we now know that the title does feature a co-op mode of sorts, though in an unconventional fashion.

In an interview with KotakuAstral Chain director Takahisa Taura shared a few more insights on the upcoming game and what to expect, and elaborated a little more specifically on the game’s core premise of playing as two characters.

As the title implies, the main concept of Astral Chain is that the player is controlling two characters at the same time while engaged in combat with enemies, who are linked by the titular chain between them. However, Taura explained that there is a “co-op” aspect of the game that would make it more “challenging” for a pair of players compared to the single-player experience.

According to Taura, two players can take control of the player characters in Astral Chain by each using one of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. While the game is intended to be played by one player and was largely designed around that, Taura explained that the game’s development team “wanted to take advantage” of this unique functionality from the Switch.

Specifically, the experienced was compared to the “co-op mode” featured in Super Mario Galaxy where one player could play as Mario and another could point the Wii Remote on screen to assist the player and collect star bits. However, Taura emphasized that in Astral Chain‘s co-op mode, “both players actually have to put effort into controlling the characters and playing the game,” making it an interesting challenge around the game’s normally single-player experience.

Astral Chain will release for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. If you’re looking forward to the game, you can pre-order it right now over on Amazon.

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