Astral Chain Japanese Overview Trailer Explains Lore and Gameplay Mecahnics

Everything we know about Switch exclusive Astral Chain recapped in a single trailer.

Nintendo published a new Japanese trailer for Astral Chain. It’s an overview trailer retracing everything we know about Platinum Games’ next work.

The trailer starts with Astral Chain‘s lore and story. Humanity is on the brink of destruction since the apparition of invaders from another dimension called Chimera. The only safe place left on is the Ark, a giant artificial island. Humanity later developed living weapons called Legion to defend itself. And the protagonists of Astral Chain can control the Legion.

Astral Chain‘s protagonists are part of a police force named Neuron. This means not only players deal with Chimera-related incidents, but you also need to do actual police work.  The protagonist can control five different Legion with each having their own specificities, Astral Chain also has a beginners’ mode. Activating this mode allows players to automatize various actions, making the gameplay much easier.

The last part of the trailer reveals plenty of new gameplay and story parts. Everything about Astral Chain has got me excited so far. Katsura Masakazu handling the character design sure helps, as I’ve always liked his manga.

Astral Chain isn’t the first part of a trilogy unlike what was recently reported. That was an error on IGN’s part.

Astral Chain recently revealed its box art and size. Platinum Games is also currently working on many other projects including an upcoming Bayonetta 3.

Astral Chain launches worldwide on August 30, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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