Astral Chain Launch Trailer Begins Countdown to Release This Week

Let all those who are hyped for the release of Astral Chain this week be heard.

Astral Chain releases Aug. 30, 2019, which is this Friday. Nintendo has released a launch trailer this morning to mark an unofficial countdown to the game’s arrival.

The trailer features all kinds of pretty colors arcing through the sky as explosions shake the air. We’re then introduced to Neuron–a special police task force designed to combat an invading alien threat.

You can expect to perform all the duties of a cop as a rookie Neuron officer. The trailer shows off some futuristic detective work as well as developer Platinum Games’ trademark character action combat. A few moments are highly reminiscent of combat from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The trailer then proceeds to offer morsels of plot with tons of bright, colorful action scenes. You can watch the full thing for yourself here.

Astral Chain saw significant changes to its art direction throughout development. Art director Hajime Kimura detailed his decision-making process in a recent dev blog. He was responsible for the creation of the Legion, living weapons you control in battle. The previous art director brainstormed using captured enemies (chimeras) as partners, but Kimura ultimately decided a police force needed more official-looking allies. Thus, the Legion was born.

Astral Chain has a strong team behind it. This new IP marks the directional debut of NieR: Automata designer Takahisa Taura. Bayonetta director and Bayonetta 2 writer/supervisor Hideki Kamiya is supervising.

Astral Chain is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and once again launches on Aug. 30, 2019–this Friday. You have a few days to pre-order it if you so desire.

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