Atelier Ryza Reveals New Party Member Lila, Gameplay Videos Detailing the Alchemy System

Gust revealed more Atelier Ryza characters and teased that Gustchan will probably become a virtual youtuber.

Gust and Koei Tecmo released more character profiles for Atelier Ryza. We most notably learned more about that one ominous looking woman, which turned out to be a party member. Details regarding the alchemy system were published as well.

This is Lila Decyrus, voiced by Haruka Terui. Lila is a wandering warrior, who came to Ryza’s village along with Empel. She gives off a mysterious look but is also a powerful, skilled warrior. Lila teaches Ryza and her friends how to fight. Lila is a very calm person who never shows her emotions. She’s looking for something in the ruins on the island where Ryza’s village is.
Empel is the alchemist guy who taught Ryza how to use alchemy, and he’s also a party member.

Next, we’ve got Kilo Shiness, voiced by Shiori Mikami. Kilo has a mysterious feeling to her and she can manipulate spirits. She’s constantly fighting in order to protect something, but we don’t know what. Kilo will end up meeting Ryza and her friends in an unexpected way. It’s unknown if Kilo will turn out to be a party member or not.

Lastly, we’ve got Agatha Harmon, voiced by Masumi Asano. Agatha is the leader and the strongest of the guardians who protect Ryza’s village. She’s strict when it comes to the village’s affairs but also has a caring side. She looks over Ryza and her friends despite how mischevious they were and all the trouble they caused when they were younger. We don’t know if Agatha will be a party member or not either.

Next, we’ve got some details on the alchemy system. In Atelier Ryza, alchemy uses a “Linkage system”, which works similar to a skill tree. Whenever you add ingredients to your alchemy mix, it links together various parts of the tree. Completly linking certain parts together will unlock new effects for the resulting item.

The same recipe will always have the same tree, but you can change its effects. Depending on the ingredients you pick, you can spread the link toward certain branches or not, so the resulting item will have different effects. The number of materials you can select in total is limited, so you can’t make an omnipotent item that links all the tree.

Lastly, Atelier Ryza also has a new Item Rebuild system. This allows you to strengthen an item you already made with alchemy. If you start a new mix an existing item, you’ll use fewer ingredients, but the resulting item will have higher skill requirements to be used. Meaning, not all your characters will be able to use it.

Gust also teased with a new video that their mascot Gustchan will be soon used as a Virtual YouTuber. You can find the video below.

You can read more about Atelier Ryza by checking out comments from its staff. Here are the first gameplay videos and screenshots. We’ve translated the profiles for Ryza and her friends, and detailed the Japanese pre-order bonuses in a previous article. Lastly, Atelier Ryza‘s theme song “Niji Iro no Natsu”, and more gameplay videos were revealed a few days ago.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout launches on PS4 and Switch in Japan on September 26. Atelier Ryza launches in the west on October 29, for the same platforms plus PC via Steam.

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