Atlus West Teases “Exciting News” for PC Gaming Show This Weekend

Could we see a lot of Atlus West games heading to PC?

If you’re gagging for video game announcements, then this weekend will see PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show go live with, hopefully, a bunch of game and hardware announcements and it seems as if Atlus West has a surprise in store that will be revealed at some point during the show.

“We’ve got some exciting news to share,” the official tweet from Atlus West states. The developer, well known for titles such as the Persona series, Catherine Full Body, and more, seems to be teasing something PC related. The tweet also invites fans to go and check out the studio’s new Steam creator page.

At current, the page is only populated with one title which is Catherine Classic. Some fans have pointed out that Persona 5 Royal is still listed on the Twitter bio for Atlus West’s account as a PS4 exclusive, so there’s a good chance that the studio could be revealing the game is heading to PC. Catherine Full Body is another that could stand a chance at being carried over to Steam. Heck, I imagine they might even just carry over their entire library of games not available on PC.

I imagine the Steam page will be populated following the announcement(s) that are due to take place this weekend during the live-streamed show which would have aired during E3 2020.

The PC Gaming Show was originally due to take place last weekend, however, following the murder of George Floyd, protests for the Black Lives Matter movement sparked worldwide support from studios, individuals, and brands. As a result, the show was postponed to this weekend, and it will now take place on June 13.

What are you expecting to see announced? Do you think there may be a new title announced? Or just some select few games being carried over to Steam?

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