Automachef is a Hybrid Between Overcooked! and Factorio That’s Out Now

Team17’s Automachef is a hybrid between the aesthetics of cooking games like Overcooked! and the automation building of games like Factorio.

Have you ever been playing Overcooked! and wished the burgers would just build themselves? Or maybe you’ve been plugging away at Factorio and dreamed that your factory could churn out picture-perfect hot dogs? Well, Team17 has the game for you. Automachef is out today and, as you can see in the launch trailer below, it’s a marriage between restaurants and automation.

At its core, Automachef is a challenging puzzle game. You’ll be given a challenge and must build the best kitchen possible. It will take careful preparation and quick thinking to get through each stage, as different things can happen while you fine-tune your machine.

The game features a few different modes. The campaign levels will teach you how to build quality kitchens, while the contracts mode will let you move through the business world as you solve problems. If you want to go crazy, you can enter the sandbox test mode and create to your heart’s content. The game also features mod support, which should increase replayability. If the community takes off, we could see some extensive mods that take the experience to the next level.

This game looks like a great time. It’s a unique mash-up that takes Team17’s success with kitchen games and injects some Zactronics-like menus and machine building. I’m especially interested to see how well the game plays on the Switch given how menu-based everything looks to be.

Automachef is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Stay with DualShockers for all your indie news.

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