Babylon’s Fall First Trailer Reveals Some Nice Looking Gameplay

Babylon’s Fall gameplay looks like Fantasy Europe Astral Automata Chain, but it’ll definitely be more than that, for better or worse. We’ll see in Summer 2020.

Platinum Games finally revealed more on Babylon’s Fall in today’s State of Play, showing gameplay for the first time. Babylon’s Fall turned out to be an action game, like most of what PlatinumGames has made in the past. We’ve seen some pretty cool battle footage, with a protagonist in a medieval, fantasy Europe setting. The protagonist most notably has a chain-like weapon, which will make you think of Astral Chain, and with certain gameplay gimmicks reminiscent of Pandora’s Tower. The trailer also hints at multiple playable characters in the game.

Overall, it might seem like the usual Platinum action game, but Babylon’s Fall will definitely have its own differences and specificities we’ll only be able to tell controller in hand.

Seeing many were worried about what’s going on with the game, Square Enix Executive Officer Yosuke Saito recently mentioned in a Japanese interview we translated that we’ll hear about Babylon’s Fall before the end of 2019. He kept his promise. The trailer from today’s State of Play is included below.

We’ll learn more about Platinum Games’ Babylon’s Fall in Summer 2020, with more gameplay, actual explanations of its systems, and maybe a release date.  The game could launch in late 2020. Perhaps it could come to PS5 as well seeing it’ll launch during the 2020 holidays. Of course, all of that is simply speculation on my part.

Babylon’s Fall was announced in 2018 for PS4 and PC via Steam.

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