BAFTA Game Awards Shifts to Online Stream Due to COVID-19 Threat

Another gaming-centric event is altered as the 2020 BAFTA Game Awards changes its format due to growing coronavirus concerns.

With no end in sight, another large-scale event has had to shift their plans due to the contagious COVID-19 (coronavirus). The BAFTA Game Awards will now be an online live stream rather than a red-carpeted live event. Below, you will find details from BAFTA’s statement.

For the full statement, you can find it on the official BAFTA website.

The BAFTA Game Awards will still be held on Thursday, April 2. The ceremony was previously scheduled to be a glamorous red carpet event taking place at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England.

I’m glad live streaming technology has gotten to the point where it can become a backup option in situations like this. However, it can’t work for everyone, as we have seen. The year isn’t even a quarter done and we are seeing cancellations up to June already. Despite that, big events like EVO and the Olympics are still scheduled. At this point, I could easily see EVO being postponed from its current end of July time slot. I have absolutely no idea what will happen with the Olympics in Japan this year. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we just have to sit idly by and wait.


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