Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal is Coming February 27 at PAX East

Baldur’s Gate 3 will get a world gameplay premiere at PAX East. The panel where Larian Studios will show the game off is set for February 27 at 3:30 PM ET.

When Baldur’s Gate 3 was announced last summer by Larian Studios, many were wondering what the game would look like in action. Don’t get me wrong, that teaser trailer was great. That said, people want to see what Larian’s next game really looks like. Well, the studio has some great news for you today, as they have announced when you’ll be getting your first look at Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay. Check out their little teaser below.

The teaser is actually pretty neat. It’s sort of like an incredibly quick behind the scenes video. You see actors getting face scanned and working on lines, the orchestra working on the score, and tons of other cool little peeks behind the curtain. However, the big news comes at the end. The teaser finishes with Sven Vincke, the founder of Larian, announcing that they’ll have the world gameplay premiere at PAX East.

We just saw Gearbox Studios do something similar at the last PAX East. There, they dropped the first trailer and info for Borderlands 3. Let’s hope the Baldur’s Gate 3 reveal has a few less technical difficulties. Either way, it will certainly be a fun event for fans of the studio and the series.

If you’re attending PAX East, you can join Larian Studios on February 27 at 3:30 ET for the live reveal. However, if you can’t be there, the whole thing will be streaming on YouTube, so you’ll be able to easily join in on the fun. Baldur’s Gate 3 comes to PC and Google Stadia “when it’s ready”.

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