Becoming Bytes™ developer schedules 'Best Byte Trainer' campaign, offering cash prizes for Singapore residents who top the PvP leaderboard

Chariots Gaming soft-launched their monster-raising sim into the wild recently. It’s a game where you’ll not only care for these little Byte monsters, but you’ll also battle them against other players. Now, the developer has set out plans to launch a campaign for its Singapore-based players called ‘The Best Byte Trainer’ which will reward those who top the PVP leaderboard with cash prizes.

The top 3 Singapore based players on the PvP leaderboard at the end of the event period will receive cash rewards worth up to SGD $35,000. The competition itself will run from May until the end of July, giving trainers plenty of time to climb the leaderboard.

That means you’ll want to give your Bytes the best care that you possibly can, ensuring their happiness and hunger metres are full whilst ensuring you’re swiftly clearing up their waste. Of course, you’ll want to prepare them for battle too by delving into the various dungeons and, of course, battling other players in PvP.

As mentioned, to qualify you will need to have a valid residential address in Singapore, with a full list of the terms and conditions available on the official website. The winners of the contest will be announced there too as well as on the Becoming Bytes™ Facebook page, so make sure you’re following that to stay updated.

Chariots Gaming say there is potential to expand to other regions at a later stage, but they cannot commit to this at the moment. However, you can still download and play the game now in a variety of different regions where you’ll be able to train and battle a plethora of different monsters.

If you’d like to get involved, then you can download the game now for iOS and Android. It’s a free-to-play title with in-app purchases.

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