Becoming Bytes™ is an upcoming monster-raising and battling game for iOS and Android

Becoming Bytes™ is an exciting free-to-play monster-raising game from Singapore indie developer – Chariots Gaming. The game has recently soft launched for both iOS and Android meaning you can get to raising and battling your digital pets right now.

Once you’ve started the game, you’ll be given your first Byte monster who you can feed, train and play with. That’s entirely optional though, you can completely neglect the little creature if you prefer with different outcomes possible based on how attentive you are, even becoming sick if you don’t clean their waste up for them.

Each Byte will have a finite lifespan, however not looking after them properly can significantly shorten that time. To keep an eye on things, there are hunger and happiness meters on screen that will give you an idea of how well you’re raising your Byte.

They’ll go through distinct stages of development during their lives and they can even be evolved into more powerful versions of themselves. To do this, you’ll have to train them by battling them in Missions and ranking them up in PVP fights, making tactical use of booster skills to gain an advantage. This can break their limits which will allow them to evolve.

There are a variety of different evolution lines for players to discover whilst playing the game. Each will have its own distinctive look and traits that it will bring to battle. Chariots Gaming say they will introduce new monsters and battle modes as the game develops further, offering additional ways to play.

Becoming Bytes™ is expected to launch with new features and in-app purchases around the end of next month for iOS and Android.

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