Beginner tips to shred through the snow – Summer Catchers cheats, tips


Dashing through the snow

This is essentially an auto-runner, your bike will dash through the snow at a fairly quick speed, and you’ll activate your tools in order to avoid and protect from a variety of obstacles. Simple stuff, really.

As you travel you’ll pick up mushrooms automatically, which is great, as you’ll need mushrooms to buy upgrades and more tools. Yes, once you run out of tools, you are basically dead in the water – or, snow.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect your early ventures into the wilderness to last long, just keep at it.


Tool supplies

Once back at base, it’s time to resupply all of your tools. Go to the shop, and make sure to buy plenty of bumpers and jumps.

In the early game, bumpers and jumps are the most important tools. Boosts are, initially, only needed to get over hills, and with enough jumps you can accomplish this anyway, without having to worry about shuffling around your available tools.

Bumpers are jumps are the most important, but it’s good to keep some boosts handy too. Remember, jumps aren’t just used to clear gaps, but can also go over snowballs, or collect bubble shields.


Special tool management

You will also be given special tools to complete missions. These will be used at set points in the stage. In the first stage you’ll be planting saplings, spraying infected trees, and cutting down dead trees, all by using the special tool when near the relevant tree.

The problem is, you might not have the tool you need available. You can swipe tools to change what it is, but not constantly. Once you swipe, your bag at the bottom of the screen has to refresh before you can swipe again, meaning you might get caught without the tool you need.

This is why bumpers and jumps are important, as they are needed most often, and loading your supplies with boosts may just make it more difficult to find the tools you need to survive or complete quests.


Essential upgrades

Once you’ve loaded up your bag and collected a whole bunch of mushrooms, it’s finally time to invest in a few upgrades. I mean, if you want to.

The first is your bike. You can upgrade your trusty bike with a whole bunch of mushrooms, and you’ll unlock more and more bikes as you progress through the game.

It goes the same for your headgear, too. Well, you don’t want to get snow in your face, right? Do these upgrades have real, tangible benefits? Well…

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