Best Buy Has Revealed An Exclusive Neon Green Joy-Con Set

Best Buy has revealed an exclusive neon green Joy-Con set that will be releasing in late October.

All you Joy-Con fanatics can celebrate a bit because a new set of green Joy-Cons were just revealed by Best Buy. As of right now, the set will only be available in North America. The controllers appear to be the same color as the ones that were featured in the Splatoon 2 themed pairs.

Per Nintendo Life, the only way for Switch owners to have previously acquired a full neon green Joy-Con set was to purchase the right controller in North America or Europe and then import a set from Japan that includes the left one. However, green controller fanatics can now rejoice because they will not have to jump through hoops and ladders to get a full set.

Discovered by the Twitter user Wario64 (give the account a follow if you want to stay up to date on deals) the listing will reportedly stay an exclusive to the retail store and will go on sale October 27 for $79.99. Pre-orders are now available for purchase.

The new controllers will be releasing just a few days before Luigi’s Mansion 3 and could pair quite nicely with the game. If you are on the lookout for a new pair of Joy-Cons to match with Gooigie, then I can’t think of a better set.

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