Bethesda graces the Switch with Elder Scrolls: Blades

During last night’s Bethesda conference, a Switch port of Elder Scrolls: Blades was confirmed for a Q4 2019 release. The Switch version will be free and will allow for cross-platform accounts, meaning you’ll be able to transfer over your current iOS or Android character.

The conference itself was a strange one. My apathy toward Elder Scrolls: Online, my dislike for Blades, and my complete disdain for 76 were almost wholly reversed by the sheer pose-striking likeability of Tango Gameworks’ Ikumi Nakamura. She and the two dashing Frenchmen from Arkane Lyon supplied the few bursts of energy and excitement in what was otherwise a sea of tiring apologies and DLC.

Like most recent Bethesda games, Blades released to a fairly tepid response from fans. Its reliance on prolonged timers killed much of the initial excitement, and a lack of compelling storytelling and characters only made matters worse.

For sure, it’s seen a few notable improvements since then, but its ongoing issues might be too deeply ingrained for it to ever fulfil its potential as a proper Elder Scrolls game for mobile. Though with an all-new dragon questline and stat-buffing jewellery having just been added, it’s tough to be too down on Blades.

Going forward, the best we can hope for is that Bethesda continues to support the game with fresh content and user-friendly tweaks, which seems very likely given the announcement of a Switch port.

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