Beyond Good & Evil Movie In Development by Netflix, Rob Letterman Rumoured to Direct

A movie adaption is in the works and will apparently be a hybrid live-action/animated movie.

There appears to be a lot of video game adaptions taking place of late. We’ve got The Witcher show (Admittedly an adaption from the books), The Last of Us becoming an episodic series, Splinter Cell as an anime series, Uncharted as a movie, and now there’s looking to be a Beyond Good & Evil movie on the horizon.

The announcement came from Netflix over on Twitter that confirmed that a Netflix feature film adaption of Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil is now in development. No further details were given. However, the Hollywood Reporter (Thanks, seems to suggest that it’s a mixture of live-animation and animated and will be directed by Rob Letterman.

Letterman’s recent works include Goosebumps (2015) and Detective Pikachu (2019). The film is also said to be being produced by Ubisoft Film & Television.

Ubisoft’s 2003 title blended a mixture of stealth and puzzle elements as players took control of Jade, a photojournalist. The world is set in 2435 on the planet Hillys in the midst of an attack by an alien race known as DomZ. Military power on Hillys, “Alpha Sections” had previously promised that the population of Hillys would be protected, and end up failing and instead end up in battle against the IRIS Network, an underground resistance movement that believes the Alpha Sections are working with the DomZ. Jade finds herself becoming part of the IRIS Network investigating the DomZ and Alpha Sections, eventually learning of the truth behind the events.

While a sequel to the game has been in pre-production since 2008, fans got a cinematic trailer in 2018 after the sequel was officially revealed a year before at E3. You can watch that trailer below.

Beyond Good & Evil is in development, and it’s unclear how long it’ll be until we see the film arrive. For a rough idea, Detective Pikachu began filming in January 2018 and launched in May 2019, obviously, every production is different and it depends on how far into pre-production it is, but perhaps we’ll be seeing Ubisoft’s video game adaption in the next few years.

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