Black Desert Mobile Classes, Family Name, and My Info screen highlighted in new trailers

Black Desert Mobile is one of the most promising MMOs headed to iOS and Android this year. It’s a port of the popular Black Desert Online, which received a remaster in 2018. This new version makes numerous concessions for mobile players, meaning that it doesn’t allow you to pick up from where you left off on PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

Despite the apparent simplifying of core gameplay and questing, Black Desert Online looks to be a convincing and (hopefully) polished port, boasting some terrific visuals and combat animations. The mobile port also gives the original Black Desert’s maps and in-game content ‘a complete facelift’, and it’s running on a new in-house engine that ‘breaks the boundaries of previous graphical limits’.

Outside of the look and feel of the game’s expansive world, what I’m also intrigued by are the extensive character customisation options, some of which are on display in the trailer above. Once you’ve created a family name, you’ll select from the five available classes: Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, and Valkyrie.

If you’re a big fan of sifting through and tinkering with numbers, the game’s My Info screen seems to have you covered. On display are detailed character and weapon stats, as well as guild, pets, and skill info. The trailer does a decent job of walking you through everything in there, which is handy because there’s a fair bit to learn.

I played the console version earlier this year and it still felt a little rough at that point. That said, this mobile version has been in the works for some time, which I’m hoping means the rough edges I experienced on PS4 might have been smoothed out.

Black Desert Mobile is currently available for pre-registration over on both the App Store and Google Play. The expected launch date is December 12th. 

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