Black Desert Online PS4 Beta Announced as Xbox One Version Gets New Content

PS Plus members will be able to try out the upcoming PS4 version of Black Desert Online from August 9 to August 13.

Last month, Pearl Abyss revealed that its popular MMO Black Desert Online would be coming to PS4 on August 23, 2019. Those hoping to try this new version of the game before it launches are in luck, as the developers also confirmed today that PlayStation Plus members will be able to play the game early through a beta starting on August 9.

The Black Desert Online PS4 beta will run from August 9 at 12am PT until 2am PT on August 13 and players must sign up for it on the game’s website beforehand. While this beta will gives players access to a lot of the game, Pearl Abyss did mention that player data will reset once the beta concludes. Fortunately, players will still get a Sky Hawk pet “to loot items, increase Knowledge Gain Chance and find rare monsters” once Black Desert Online hits PS4 later in August. You can check out the brand new trailer for the beta below:

While August is going to be a major month for the PS4 version of Black Desert Online, the developers are not forgetting about the Xbox One port. Today, Pearl Abyss released a content update on that platform. Following this new patch, Xbox One players will have access to the Ninja’s true abilities and skills, will find that the Karanda, Maraka, and Quint bosses give new loot, and that the attacking power for the Capotia accessories has been buffed.

Overall, Black Desert Online players on both console platforms have something to look forward to. Black Desert Online is currently available for PC and Xbox One, with the PS4 version poised to release on August 22 with a $29.99 Standard Edition, $49.99 Deluxe Edition, and a $99.99 Ultimate Edition.

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