Black Ops 4 Hotfix Added One Day After Major Update

Just one day after Operation Grand Heist’s official launch, Treyarch has already implemented a new hotfix for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Well, that didn’t take long now, did it? Despite the fact that Operation Grand Heist was released on Tuesday, which included a number of different bug fixes and statistical tuning, there was a still a bit of work to do. Luckily, Treyarch listened to some of (this is the key word here) the complaints that were made in the past 24 hours and did everything they can change them in a new hotfix that was released earlier today.

The most notable change in the new update directly affects the Maddox assault rifle. While EVERY gun in the game was tweaked a bit when the update went live, according to Treyarch, the Maddox’s recoil was the only change that they didn’t foresee. Up until the hotfix, the weapon’s recoil had been changed dramatically, but now, it falls more in line with what it was before, while still getting a nerf.

In addition to the Maddox changes, a number of different bug fixes were also implemented, including one that was causing Blackout players to lose the ability to prestige, one that caused Zombie players to lose their ammo when using a specific perk, and more. You can check out Treyarch’s full hotfix notes on their Reddit page by clicking here.

Since this is a hotfix, you shouldn’t have to download another full patch. If you haven’t started the game application today, you may want to do so in order to get the small in-game download out of the way, but beyond that, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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