Bomb Chicken, Nitrome's hard-as-nails platformer, launches today for iOS and Android

Bomb Chicken is an all-new madcap platformer from developer Nitrome. It sees you playing as a chicken who, naturally, lays bombs instead of eggs. How did this happen? Well, a freak accident, of course.

With an endless supply of bombs at its disposal, the chicken heads out to investigate the dodgy fast-food giant known as BFC and the troubling secret behind its highly addictive hot sauce.

As you might expect, the bombs have tons of different uses. You can, for example, stack them to reach high-up areas of the level or kick them to take out any enemies that happen by. You’re also going to be able to bounce your balls, allowing them to pass around corners or into locked-down areas.

Based on the gameplay trailer, it looks fairly tricky, challenging you to master the many ways of blowing things up. Campbell from 148Apps, our sister site, put out his review earlier today. Unfortunately, he found it to be regularly frustrating, lacking the precise controls and reliable logic that a hard-as-nails platformer really requires.

It’d be hard to argue that it doesn’t look pretty great, though, and I especially enjoy the chicken’s goofy animations. Another plus is that it’s a premium title without any ads or IAPs.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you’ll find Bomb Chicken available for purchase now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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