Boneworks Launches Today With a Stellar, New Trailer To Celebrate

Boneworks is finally out today. The psychics-based VR action-adventure continues to impress with inventive gameplay and stellar physics. Plus, now it has FMV apparently?

Boneworks is Stress Level Zero’s big VR game that they’ve been working on for a while now. The game is incredibly ambitious and serves as somewhat of a showpiece for interactivity and physics within VR. Today is the long-awaited release date and Stress Level Zero has dropped a slick new trailer to celebrate. Give it a watch below.

Every time Stress Level Zero puts something out about Boneworks I’m left impressed and intrigued. This latest trailer does exactly that. In all the materials the team has put out to this point, the story has been mostly kept under wraps. While they don’t exactly throw the current back completely, it doesn’t give us a bit of insight into what to expect from this mind-bending action-adventure game.

In a surprise move, Boneworks features FMV cutscenes. Something I can safely say I never expected from Stress Level Zero. It looks like they’re telling a story about the game within the game, and using the FMV to help give the story more depth. It’s a nifty move that I want to see played out in all that VR goodness.

And, of course, the new trailer is full of that inventive action that we’ve come to expect from Boneworks. It’s difficult to describe all of the insanity that Stress Level is putting into Boneworks with the physics weapons, but in motion, there haven’t been many other games that have instantly excited me as much as this.

Boneworks is out now on Steam. Between this release and the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, now feels like the time to finally pick up a VR headset. Both games look to push at the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from VR titles and could serve as the next step for the hardware.

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