Borderlands 3 Classes – What are the best character classes for beginners, returning players and solo players?

Borderlands 3 brings four new Vault Hunters to the crazy world of Pandora and with them come four new character classes.

This asks the question – which character class is best for beginners? How about the best character class for returning Borderlands players? What about the best character class for solo players?

On this page you’ll find out what character classes we think are the best in Borderlands 3, along with an overview of each new Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3.

What are the best classes in Borderlands 3?

In Borderlands 3, each Vault Hunter has their own playstyle, which is made up of their three Skill Trees and various Action Skills. It’s worth exploring what each Vault Hunter has to offer, before you start playing Borderlands 3 to ensure your making the decision that’s right for you.

So here’s the question – what is the best class in Borderlands 3?

The answer – it’s completely up to you.

No, seriously.

There is no clear weak or overpowered class in Borderlands 3. Instead, the best class in Borderlands 3 is whichever one suits your playstyle and your experience best.

For this reason, we’ve included outlined three sets of suggestions below:

This all finished off with an overview of each character class and their three Skill Trees to help you make the right decision.

What are the best character classes for Borderlands 3 beginners?

While we haven’t had the chance to play all of the character classes yet – it’s clear from their Skill Trees that Moze and Zane are both ideal Vault Hunters for first time Borderlands players.

Both have Skill Trees that are dedicated to boosting their Shields, bringing that added protection you need in the toughest of battles.

Zane, especially, is great for defence focused players as his Skill Tree, Under Cover, allows him to use the Action Skill Barrier, which, as the name suggests, allows you to create a protective barrier between you and your foes.

They also both have Skill Trees that are dedicated to increasing the amount of damage they can inflict upon their enemies.


Moze’s Bottomless Mogs Skill Tree increases the amount of Gun Damage she can deal out, while also equipping her tank, Iron Bear, with a Minigun. Zane, on the other hand, has the Hitman Skill Tree, which will reward you with a variety of boosts every time you kill a character.

Finally, Moze and Zane offer the most level of Action Skill customisation throughout Borderlands 3. Moze can have 2 Action Skills, with 1 Action Skill Augmentation, equipped at all times, while Zane can use 2 Actions Skills and 2 Action Skill Augmentations throughout the game.

This allows you to create a great character build that will truly rule the deserts of Pandora.

What are the best character classes for returning Borderlands players?

Amara and Fl4k are definitely the perfect Vault Hunters for returning Borderlands players.

Amara is focused around dealing large amount of damage by skilfully using both her melee attacks and her variety of Action Skills. Since Borderlands is a very Gun Damage focused series, you need to have a good understanding of the game mechanics to properly utilise these abilities.

Amara can also only equip one Action Skill, Action Skill Effect and Action Skill Element. While this may seem like a lot, in reality it will force you to be far more selective with your choices as you navigate her Skill Tree.

To truly take advantage of Amara’s abilities, you need to not only have a good understanding of the Borderlands combat system, but, possibly, a detailed knowledge of Borderlands 3 itself.


Fl4k, meanwhile, brings a whole new playstyle to the Borderlands series with their pets.

To be a successful Fl4k player, you need to be able to balance both Fl4k themselves and your chosen pet. This means you need to remember to invest Skill Points equally into Passive Abilities that benefit Fl4k and their pet.

Favouring one over the other will prevent Fl4k from reaching their full potential and could leave you in a nasty situation if a battle turns sour.

Fl4k’s pet can also help you create whole new strategies for tackling fights, because you have to take into account both their attacks and health. You wouldn’t want your pet to die, would you?

What is the best character class for Borderlands 3 solo players?

Looking at the Skill Trees, we believe that Moze is the best character for solo playing.

Thanks to her mixture of offensive and defensive Passive Abilities, it’s very easy to build up a strong character build for Moze.

The Skill Trees Shield of Retribution and Bottomless Mogs always you to equally split your focus between upgrading Moze’s Shield and the amount of Gun Damage she out deal out.

Moving between these two Skill Trees will help you deal more damage on the battlefield, while also protecting yourself from oncoming attacks.


Moze is also a good choice if you want to experiment with the new Action Skill system in Borderlands 3. Since you can equip 2 Action Skills, Moze offers you the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different Action Skills, until you find your perfect combination.

Not only that, but the Iron Bear is a fantastic way to fight in both easy and difficult battles. All the different weapons are very effective against your enemies and there is also a selection of Passive Abilities that upgrade Iron Bear as well.

Finally, Moze seems to have been partly inspired by Gaige from the Mechromancer DLC for Borderlands 2. Gaige is a great choice for solo players, thanks to her Action Skill Deathtrap. This robot can easily wipe out any enemy when you can in a tough spot.

Gaige also provided a strong level of difficulty thanks to her Ordered Chaos Skill Tree, which offered increased Gun Damage at the cost of accuracy.

If Moze does play in a similar fashion to Gaige, then she is definitely an excellent choice for solo players.

Borderlands 3 character classes in-depth

Each Vault Hunter has their own playstyle, which is made up of their three Skill Trees and various Action Skills. It’s worth investigating each Vault Hunter before you start playing Borderlands 3 to ensure you’re making the right decision for you.

We’ve written detailed guides on all four Vault Hunters and each of their Skill Trees, which you can find linked below. You can also find a quick overview of each Vault Hunter and their Skill Trees.

What is Amara like in Borderlands 3?


Amara the Siren is the latest addition to the Siren class in Borderlands.

Her Skill Trees revolve around the different supernatural, Siren, powers. Each one will allow you to attack your enemies in a variety of different ways.

Amara’s three Skill Trees are:

  • Brawl – focuses on Melee Damage with the Action Skill Phaseslam, which creates a series of giant arms that smash into the around
  • Mystical Assault – focuses on the Action Skill Astral Projection, which, like the name suggests, sends out an Astral Projection of Amara to attack her enemies
  • Fist of the Elements – focuses on Elemental Damage and using the Action Skill Phasegrasp to take hold of your foes

What is Fl4k like in Borderlands 3?


Fl4k the Beastmaster is a wandering robot accompanied by their collection of monstrous pets.

It’s these pets that make Fl4k stand out from the rest of the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3, as you can have one accompanying you at all times.

Each pet will attack your foes in a different way and provide a variety of different bonuses to help Fl4k in battle.

The Jabber can shoot enemies with its pistol, while the Spiderant can charge at large groups of enemies to cause damage. Finally, there is the Skag that will vomit acid on your enemies.

Fl4k’s three Skill Trees are:

  • Stalker – focuses on surprising your enemies by turning invisible with the Fade Away Action Skill and increasing Fl4k’s Movement Speed
  • Hunter – focuses on air bombing enemies with the Rakk Attack! Action Skill and increasing your Critical Hit Damage
  • Master – focuses on upgrading your pet and using the Gamma Burst Action to teleport your pets across the battlefield

What is Moze like in Borderlands 3?


Moze the Gunner is a former Vladof soldier and is accompanied by her tank, Iron Bear.

Moze’s Skill Trees have two main goals – customising Iron Bear with a variety of weapons and helping Moze cause as much pain as possible.

Iron Bear can have two different weapons equipped at a time, which means that Moze have two different Action Skills equipped.

Moze’s three Skill Trees are:

  • Shield of Retribution – focuses on improving Moze’s shields and unlocks the Railgun Action Skill for Iron Bear
  • Bottomless Mogs – focuses on increasing Gun Damage and unlocks the Minigun Action Skill for Iron Bear
  • Demolition Woman – focuses on increasing Grenade Damage and unlocks the V-35 Grenade Launcher for Iron Bear

What is Zane like in Borderlands 3?


Zane the Operative is a self-retired corporate hitman, who has a variety of gadgets to help him get the job done.

You can have 2 of Zane’s Action Skills equipped at a time, with 2 Action Skill Augments for each one. This makes Zane, out of all the new Vault Hunters, is the most customizable.

Zane’s three Skill Trees are:

  • Doubled Agent – focuses on using the Digi-Clone Action Skill to cause confusion on the battlefield
  • Hitman – focuses on using Kill Skills to build up stat buffs and using the SNTNL Drone Action Skill to murder your foes
  • Under Cover – focuses on improving your Shields and using the Action Skill, Barrier, to protect Zane and your team

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How do Skill Trees and Action Skills work in Borderlands 3?

Each Vault Hunter has three different Skill Trees for you to choose from. These Skill Trees focus on different aspects of your chosen Vault Hunter; one Skill Tree may focus on Elemental Damage, while another enhances your character’s defences.

When you pick a Skill Tree, you’ll receive your first Action Skill. This a unique move that will help you control the battlefield and destroy your enemies. It does, however, have a Cooldown Timer, so you can’t over use it.

Investing Skill Points in your chosen Skill Tree will allow you to unlock a variety of new Abilities. These include:

  • Action Skill – in Borderlands 3 you can unlock additional Action Skills from the various Skill Trees
  • Action Skill Augment – these will provide new features to your chosen Action Skill, such as different forms of Elemental Damage
  • Action Skill Element – unique to Amara the Siren, these change the Elemental Damage her Action Skill cause
  • Action Skill Effect – Amara the Siren’s version of Action Skill Augments
  • Kill Skill – bonuses that only activate once you’ve killed an enemy
  • Passive Abilities – bonuses and abilities you receive while fighting that don’t have any requirements

You receive Skill Points from completing the story line Missions and Side Missions you find throughout the galaxy.

Each Vault Hunter can equip a different number of Action Skills and Action Skill Augments. This gives you a lot of opportunities to customise your Vault Hunter and experiment with your playstyle.

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