Borderlands 3 Upcoming Patch Includes an Event & Level Cap Increase

Push your badass to the next level in the forthcoming Borderlands 3 update.

Borderlands 3 has been out for a few months now, and if you’ve played it to the end, you probably have a max level character. If you’re really into the game, you probably have the entire cast of playable characters at max level, and you’re thinking, “Well… what now?” All you have to do is wait for the next in-game event, Broken Hearts Day, and the patch dropping with it.

Broken Hearts Day, an extremely Borderlands-y spin on Valentine’s Day, is coming once the February patch drops this upcoming Thursday, February 13. The event only runs a week this time around and will end next Thursday, February 20. This event revolves around hearts that will start floating around enemies throughout the galaxy. Maurice, the sentient Saurian on Sanctuary 3, naturally wants you to destroy these hearts. The more you break, the more you get. More details on the event are available here.

While you may be excited about this upcoming event, the real story is the patch that’s dropping alongside it. Detailed in the latest Community Love Letter on Borderlands’ site, this update is adding a heap of new content, quality of life changes, and yes, a long-awaited level cap raise.

Before you get too excited about the max-level boost, you should keep in mind that it’s only an extra three levels. Sure, that’s three more skill points to allocate, but it seems to be a bit on the lower side. It’s hard to imagine how long it will take for Borderlands 3’s level cap to catch up to the massive 71 max level from Borderlands 2. Those three skill points may come in handy though, especially when True Takedown Mode comes out. It’s a harder version of the free Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite raid that scales enemies to your party size. Simply speaking, you and three friends will have to be decked out to get through this raid.

If you’re still thirsty for more challenging Borderlands 3 content, you’ll have to wait until March. While no specific release date is mentioned, we are getting an update to the Mayhem modes that make up the game’s endgame experience.

Lastly, Borderlands 3 is getting some much-needed quality of life changes with this upcoming patch. Players can now toggle Guardian Rank perks or the entire system altogether, seasonal events can be toggled off, and fight for your life is getting some improvements. However, the most important change here is the addition of skippable cutscenes. That’s right, cutscenes in Borderlands 3 aren’t skippable as of right now. This means that if you want to play as each character, you better get ready to watch each cutscene in the game four times. Safe to say, something that should have been present from launch is finally getting added.

That’s all from the latest Community Love Letter from Gearbox. We’ll be getting more information on Borderlands 3 and its second paid campaign expansion at this upcoming PAX East on February 27. Until then, you can pick up Borderlands 3 from the Epic Games Store or check out our review of the game here. 

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