Borderlands 3 Won’t Offer Pre-Loading Through the Epic Games Store

Pre-loading hasn’t been available in the Epic Games Store since launch and it still won’t be arriving before the release of Borderlands 3.

Since its launch last year, one of the biggest features that many have asked for with the Epic Games Store is that of pre-loading games. This feature allows you to download a game in full before then unlocking upon the exact day of said game’s launch. For those with slower internet connections, it’s a feature that is extremely beneficial when it comes to buying digital games. Some have been hoping that this would finally be added to the storefront soon, but it seems as though it won’t be dropping at least in the coming month.

Recently over on Twitter, one user asked Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, if pre-loading would be added to the Epic Games Store before the launch of Borderlands 3 next month. Sweeney actually ended up responding to the tweet and confirmed that pre-loading will still not be implemented before the game’s arrival.

While this technically isn’t something to be shocked about considering the Epic Games Store never had pre-loading to begin with, it does show why some are frustrated with the platform and continue to prefer other distribution clients such as Valve’s Steam. Considering how many Epic Games Store exclusives that Epic has netted in the coming months as well (ControlBorderlands 3Shenmue III, etc.) it’s easy to see why some PC players might continue to be annoyed with the storefront’s lack of specific features such as this.

Hopefully, Epic can begin investing some of those Fortnite dollars that they have accumulated over the past few years into the Epic Games Store and start adding new features sooner rather than later.

We’ll see if pre-loading ends up being added to the Epic Games Store later this fall. As for Borderlands 3, it’s set to arrive next month on September 13 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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