Borderlands Cosplay Guides from Gearbox Will Help You Get Into Character as Tiny Tina, Moxxi, and More

If you’re looking to craft pitch-perfect cosplays of fan favorite Borderlands characters, look no further than Gearbox’s official guides.

While it’s been quite a wait for fans of the series, Borderlands 3 is finally set to unleash a whole new reign of anarchy later this year on consoles and PC. But with a few months between now and the game’s September release, there’s still plenty of time to perfect a cosplay of your favorite characters, and Gearbox has you covered in that department.

With San Diego Comic Con and other events on the horizon, Gearbox Software has released new official cosplay guides for several fan favorite characters from the series. Specifically, the guides released (so far) include cosplays for a wide variety of characters like Maya, Mordecai, Moxxi, and Tiny Tina, alongside a few of the new faces that we’ll see in Borderlands 3 like the pair of villainous twins, Troy and Tyreen.

Specifically, the guides provide a ton of resources for fans to craft more accurate cosplays of their favorite characters, including color guides, styling tips, close-ups on their hair, clothing, and features, and much more.

In terms of other recent news on the series, one of the biggest surprises for fans was the reveal at E3 2019 that a new DLC was surprise released for Borderlands 2 that ties into the upcoming third mainline installment of the series. Of course, at E3 2019 we also got our own hands-on look at Borderlands 3, which you can read here for our thoughts on the series’ long-awaited return.

Borderlands 3 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13, 2019, followed by a Google Stadia release at a later date. If you’re looking forward to jumping back onto Pandora, you can pre-order the game now over on Amazon. For a closer look at all the different cosplay guides at your disposal, you can check them all out at the official Borderlands website.

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